Where are our intelligence people?

We have tens of thousands engaged in intelligence activities but it seems like none of them are actively checking into who is behind these riots.

These are not organic riots. These are highly structured and organized across the country and the World. The FBI was all other the Trump campaign concocting schemes on how to entrap Trump associates but where the heck are they when we need them to expose these criminal activities?

Has the FBI and NSA forgotten how to do this work? They have not really done very much in these areas for years. I think they forgot how to investigate criminal activity. Or do they need Fusion GPS or British Intelligence to help them?

FBI – get your butts on the streets of our cities and find out who is behind these riots. Follow the money back to George Soros and others who are trying to bring this country down. Don’t dilly dally, you should have already done this and have shut these riots down.

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