What did the Viet Nam War Accomplish?

Here is a podcast which I made while driving in Arizona. I stopped my car and recorded it before I had forgotten what had upset me so much.

By the way, had JFK not been murdered by a cabal of CIA/MOB and other co-conspirators in 1963, we would have never gone into Viet Nam the way we did. That is one big reason they got rid of him and LBJ became president. LBJ operated like a ganglord or mob-boss and he fit right in with respect to escalating the war. We then proceeded to lose over 58,000 soldiers, men and women. Who benefited? The military industrial complex and various politicians. Oh, don’t let me forget the banksters! Our brave men and women, most of whom were drafted, fought a nasty war and paid the price. Although, I get pissed off when I think of the many that died needlessly, I respect those that served during that horrendous time and I have never disrespected returning soldiers like some of my misguided fellow Americans.

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