Time, things take time

I have to import a lot of the videos and data I have created and/or compiled over the past umpty ump years and get it re-entered into this site. Some data is still good even with the passage of time. Other material will be rejected. As time goes on, I will get the older data input while simultaneously creating new content.

My focus initially will be on the COVID Scam and Plandemic. We are being viciously attacked by a sinister force and we have yet to fire one shot back. I request that you learn as much as you can about this scam and keep an open mind. Remember, we are up against the likes of the new world order team and they have prepared for this time for decades. Check the World Economic Forum for a 20 level deep plan that was ready before the first “victim” of COVID knew they had it. This is their master roadmap and they proudly display it.

Look at the level of detail that the World Economic Forum has prepared for us all. They have been secretly devising these plans and now with COVID they want to roll this out. The WEF is headquartered in Switzerland but they are looking out for you. Hmm https://www.weforum.org/covid-action-platform

I will be publishing a special report on the World Economic Forum soon.

Just read their view of the World that they are busy preparing while sitting in Switzerland. Most of their energy is targeting the US and yet we are virtually uninvolved in this globalist program. We need to wake up now.

In the meantime, I will get additional material loaded onto this site. Thanks.


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