The human immune system

If you know anything about humans and their immune systems, you know that our immune systems are like a highly sophisticated system. They respond super fast to virtually all “natural” threats that can attack a human body.
Big Pharma doesn’t have a chance of replicating the human immune system. They and their attempts to “fix” things in the human body, versus our immune systems, are similar to comparing the educational level of a Kindergartner to a PhD.

At best, Big Pharma can only deal with one problem at a time.
Our immune systems are like a floating battleship with all types of defensive systems at the ready. On the other hand, Big Pharma is like being in a one man dinghy with a BB gun.
If you are healthy and have proper nutrition, your immune system will be more likely to be at full strength against any viruses or germs that attack it.

Big Pharma does not rely on your body to defend itself, it wants to give you a pill, shot, or a procedure. We do need them to speed the process up some time and/or to supplement the efforts of the immune system. But have no doubt, they are never the headliner at the rock concert. They are the backup band.

Years ago, I checked with the Alzheimer and Autism associations to see if they did any research themselves and if they were concerned about the aluminum in the chemtrails.
They told me that they did no research themselves. They handed over all the money that they received from donations to Big Pharma. Big Pharma then used the money to create medicines, etc.

Big Pharma does not try to look for the root cause of an illness, but rather, they try to invent a pill or a shot. This is similar to not using a strong lock to keep bad guys from entering your home, but instead, developing a weapon to deal with them once they are inside.

Making money is always their primary focus. That is why this COVID issue is so screwed up.

Our immune system has already figured out how to deal with this virus which is why most of us aren’t sick from it.
Hey Big Pharma, put your vaccines back into your dinghy and instead, let’s optimize how our immune systems can deal with COVID.

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