The Hum Overview

The Hum is a tone which is noit a sound per se but rather a vibration.

Years ago, in or around 2012 or so when I first noticed it (which is coincidental to my other discoveries, I assure you), I started to detect a strange tone or hum late at night. I typically would go to bed late anyway, so being up latr was normal for me. As the noise of the day receded, this hum started to be detectable. I later realized that the hum could also be detected during the day but was more difficult to make it out.

Initially, I thought it was my home A/C or a refrigerator or something else in the house. I even called the electric company and had them come out and ensure that I did not have one of those new smart meters which are rumored to have many issues. I did not have a smart meter.

I then experimented and turned off the main breakers at my power box. The tone/hum was still present. I also had tuned off the router and modem. No change. There was nothing in my house that was creating the hum. Even as I traveled on business I would hear the hum everywhere I went.

I now travel in an RV and I hear the hum regardless of where I am at (desert, mountains, cities, countryside). I even checked the operator of cell towers near my house but they said they knew nothing about it.

I used an emf meter and could not detect it. I used multiple sound meters and could not detect it. I do, however, believe that it operates at approx. 86 or 87 hz. The Schumann resonance that is usally brought up is around 8 hz and is not what I and millions of other have detected.

Google earth hum and you will see many reports. But be careful because I don’t believe I have read or heard a good reason yet from anyone for this hum to exist.

I believe it is related to military communications or the persistent radio zapping of the atmosphere with HAARP and other radio transmitters used by geoengineers.

More to come.