The Hum – another view from another researcher

In my book Planetary Recon, I included a chapter on the Hum. Well, I am glad to report that another researcher that I am familiar with has also documented this issue. I knew of this person (Russ Tanner) years ago when I was doing Chemtrail research but then I lost sight of him due to other things going on.

Today, I happened to stumble onto his site and saw that he also has researched the Hum and has some very good data plus a tone generator which enables you to replicate the Hum that I and so many others have been hearing.

Read what he says and then run the tone generator at 72 hz and you will hear what we are referring to. Turn the volume up on your computer if you have trouble hearing it.

It is easiest to hear the actual Hum at night when everything is quiet. When you are lying in bed for example or in a room where your souse is not making noise either. It isn’t a sound but rather a vibration. He claims it is an electromagnetic wave of sorts from the HAARP transmitters. His idea is as good as any I have heard. I could never verify its source.

The reason I am including this article is to further collaborate my information. The HUM chapter in my book could be considered one of the crazier concepts in the book, however, it is real and based on what Russ is stating, it may actually be dangerous.

Please check his other pages out as well since he has researched many topics and I believe he is one of the better researchers that I have come across.

List of other topics Russ has researched (list on Left side) My Chemtrail Story – Contact Info (

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