The CA govt is paying farmers not to grow crops

I was in the Fresno CA area today and I met a man at Tractor Supply. We were talking about the heat and the lack of rain. He surprised me by saying that the Governor of Calif. was paying farmers not to grow crops. All because of water. Then I mentioned that there were possible food shortages coming due to a variety of reasons (COVID, supply chain interruptions, low restaurant demand, farmers having to destroy crops, etc.).

He said he had his doubts that i was due to water since they had plenty of water. He said he was a democrat but was suspicious of this no-plant order.

I researched it and it turns out it has been done for over 9 years and for various reasons. Now we have COVID causing all kinds of never seen before issues related to the food supply.

We also know they want to make artificial foods in factories.

Something stinks about this whole issue especially when one considers the Food Bank shortages.

I do not trust the Govt or the UN on this issue. Taking these farms off-line and not reviewing this in light of our situation is highly suspect.

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