Sun Simulator Overview

Years ago (sometime after 2011 or 2012), I began to be annoyed at the brightness of the sun. I started noticing that it seemed brighter than it had been at any time in the past. I continued to observe it especially at sunset. I was also analyzing Chemtrails at that time. I noticed that they were positioning dark gray chemtrails in front of the sun at sunset to block our view of the setting sun. I thought that was odd.

I continued to investigate three kinds of things in the years that followed:

  • Chemtrails
  • Super bright sun
  • Nibiru

I will get into Chemtrails and Nibiru in their respective sections. But concerning the super bright sun, I lenred more and more. I bought measurement equipment to measure UV-A, B nd even C.

I researched the Solar Irradiance levels (thermal energy) readings and compared them to what my instruments were reading. I learned that the “Sun” was putting out anywhere from 15-40% more light and heat than was normal. This correlated well with my visual observations which hd been telling me all along that something as wrong with the sun.

I then started taking pictures of the sun using electronic aperture cameras as opposed to older 35mm diaphragm type cameras. What I had found and confirmed thru research on the web, was that the sun now had a hexagonal or octagonal shape! Obviously that was not correct. Yet, it was consistently a 6 or 8 sided shape.

I also started taking videos of the setting sun from Mexican webcams along the Western coast of Mexico. These showed other weird anomalies. Such as a center dot on the setting sun, an extraordinarily large area of light projection as well as a delayed sequences during the sunset process. All told, these stationary webcams were a treasure trove of information about the Sun.

I also observed a network of lenses that seemed to encapsulate certain areas of the sky by monitoring the Bloomsky weather camera network.

I also made some videos concerning out natural sun and what I had concluded was happening to it. It was being weakened

As part of my research I also observed and recorded weird things about our Moon which were related to the Sun. See the list below.

The proximity of incoming Nibiru was playing havoc with our sun. The strong gravitational pull of Nibiru and Nemesis were negatively impacting the burn rate of our Sun’s fuel supply.

NASA cameras had also recorded large, planet size, UFO freighters literally sucking the plasma from the sun’s surface. Our Sun was serving as a gas station for these alien ships. This tremendous loss of fuel from the Sun must have been impacting its fuel supply and therefore, it’s brightness and longevity.

When I pieced all of this information together, here is what I concluded:

  1. Nibiru was, in fact, entering our inner Solar System and this was having a negative impact on our Sun’s operation
  2. Aliens were, in fact, stealing plasma from our sun. It is not known if this was related to the installation of the Sun Simulator.
  3. Someone had installed a Sun Simulator and an accompanying Moon Simulator to apparently make up for the weakened sun. With the Sun in a weakened condition, the Moon was not receiving its normal light from the Sun so a Moon Simulator had also been installed.
  4. The Sun Simulator was putting our too much light and heat, however, and it was in my opinion the primary casue for our Global Warming.
  5. The Geoengineers who control the Chemtrails were trying to block this added light and head with Chemtrails, or were they?
  6. At sunset the Geoengineers would try to hide the setting sun because I learned that at sunset, it was the easiest time to observe the strange effects of the Sun Simulator as well as see members of the Nemesis planetary system (including Nemesis, the other 2 planets and some moons, and Nibiru).

So some of the question are were the geoengineers trying to defend Earth against the Sun Simulator that the Aliens had put up or were they simply trying to obscure our view of it at Sunset while it cooked Earth during the Day. If the later was true had the geoengineers played a role in installing the sun simulator in the first place.

Whoever installed it, they either intentionally or unintentionally screwed up because it is cooking us very slowly.

  • The brightness level is upwards of 35-40% higher at noon when no clouds or chemtrails are obscuring the Sun Simulator.
  • The brightness level is super high even at 7 PM in July when the angle of light should be degraded substantially (measures 1150 watts/sq. meter and should be less then 700 at that time)
  • The brightness of the sun as it approaches sunset is so bright you cannot look in its direction.
  • Our temperatures are way above normal even with NOAA and NWS lying to us about the actual temps.

This information serves as a backgrounder only. I will be providing more info in the blog about the Sun Simulator. This Sun Simulator is a potential killer machine. If it was a good thing because our Sun is weakened, then it would be adjustable and we would adjust its output so as to not bake us. So is someone trying to bake us? Keep those questions in mind as we study the other issues of COVID, Nibiru, etc. Everything is related including the new Space Force (which we may now know why it is needed (Alien Porch Pirates at our Sun)).