Rev2pt0 Overview

Hello, my name is Bob Shroyer. I am the owner and author of this website.

Bob Shroyer

Although I am retired from corporate life as a procurement executive (31 years) as well as from running a small business (15 years), I have been extremely active in investigating a wide variety of topics extending back to 9-11 in 2001. This website will cover some of the more important topics which I have researched over the years. It is a never ending task, unfortunately, to research areas which are intentionally being obscured and/or hidden altogether from the public.

Some retirees play golf (which I used to love as a teenager), some take it easy in Florida or Arizona, while others travel the World (well scratch that last one because the Plandemic has killed travel altogether). Instead, I have chosen to travel the USA in my small 18 foot RV trailer and to explore this great country. While I explore nature I am also exploring what is happening to both our society and the planet.

Very, very few people can do what I am doing. Why is that? It could be because they are married, have a family, own a home, still work, are in poor health, lack the financial resources but most importantly, they may lack the desire to investigate wrong doing like I do. I am divorced, sold my house, sold my business, my family is all grown up, and I am still healthy and able enough to do this.

My biggest challenge, however, is not driving around the country continuously, not overcoming loneliness as a sole traveler, not finding enough to keep me occupied and interested in what I do, but rather, convincing others of what is really going on in life. Sometimes, I am disappointed to say the least that others have such a serious case of cognitive dissonance that they cannot see what is going on that it demoralizes me. But after about one minute, I am able to blow it off and get back to work. I refuse to allow the closemindedness of others get me down. I am happy to report there are many others like me out there and more are coming around to this way of thinking every day. The question is will they get to this same spot in time to make a difference. We can only hope and pray that they do.

That’s my story and I am stickin’ to it!