No birds and no insects

I am along the Washington coastline and am seeing very, very few birds and no insects. I was not seeing very much in Oregon either. This is very strange. I had heard stories from others that live on the West coast in which they stated that the relentless spraying of the skies had significantly reduced the number of birds and insects but being from the East coast, I had not see this problem to the same extent. However, I would say that I rarely ever have to clean my windshield off due to dead bugs. That is after driving 22,000 miles in 10 months across the USA on 3 separate cross country trips.

Based on my observations thus far while being along the Pacific coastline, I would have to agree with the reports I had heard that the bird and insect populations are way down in this area and that should disturb us all. Note: I am not saying there are no birds or insects but their populations are way , way down.

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