NIH employs HOW MANY?

Look at this image. They employ 20,000+. They subcontract everything our to thousands of firms yet they still employ 6,000 research scientists. They can’t even determine the dangers of wearing a mask all day long. WTF?

Then add CDC employees. 15,000

Half of them have bachelor’s and 7,500 have masters or doctoral degrees.

Their average salary is north of $100,000.

What work do they actually do there? Beats me because Fauci awards over $400,000 each year to outside firms to do research. Year after year after year.

You would think that we could have solved every medical mystery after about 10 years of such funding both inside the NIH as well as through its thousands of paid contractors.

This entire area is a cesspool of waste and abuse. Trump ought to clean house in these areas. Either we do the work ourselves or we sub it out but there is no reason to have this many scorekeepers in these organizations who don’t do am baseline research.

The CDC has been told time and time again that vaccines cause injuries and they have yet to do any studies because Big Pharma tells them what to do.

These budgets could be 1/3 of what they are if they actually did the work they should be doing.

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