Nibiru – Planet X

Nibiru re-visits our inner solar system every 3,600+ years or so. It does not make impact with Earth but comes within 25-50 million miles of it (1/3 to 1/2 of the distance to our Sun). It does, however, cause major disruptions to life on Earth during these fly-bys.

The last time it came by was around the time of Noah (from the bible). There was a great flood which was caused by Nibiru. There could have been a pole shift as well at that time.

In this blog, I will present information pertaining to Nibiru for your consideration. I will report on the secrecy surrounding this topic but more importantly, I will assist you in observing Nibiru and the other objects within the Nemesis System (which Nibiru is a part of).

So hang tight and learn about this once in a lifetime event.

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