Mask almost killed me in 110 degree heat

Today, it was 110+ in CA and I had to wear a mask in order to go into both a Laundromat and a grocery store. I was sweating like a Democratic Gov taking a lie detector test. It was hard to breath and then my mask broke so I had to jury rig a way to keep the cord attached. Meanwhile I was sweating heavily. This entire situation is outrageous. In this heat it makes no sense to jeopardize our health to keep these ill fitting, improperly designed and inappropriately prescribed masks on to keep F A U C i and the governors happy. Also, I see discarded filthy masks on the ground, no one gives a crap where they throw these things. Which means they aren’t really helping. This is a sign of compliance
We would be much better off to expose all healthy people to the virus and develop herd immunity right now. This mask issue will be here for years, and they intend for us to keep this insanity up for years. We have never handled a illness like this and they are always short lived as a result.
This is a manipulation of our society in so many ways. We need to put a stop to this NOW. Those that want to take the toxic vaccine can get it. But many will not take it and we need to fight to defend our rights on this and many other issues. Mask wearing is a sign of compliance

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