It’s important to listen to both sides in the Russian-Ukraine war

Whenever I hear of a missile attack or indiscriminate killing of civilians, I immediately want to hear what the Russians say about the incident. Why? Because the US has earned the reputation in this region and around the world of using propaganda to push their agenda forward. It makes little sense for the Russians to kill civilians in this manner. However, it makes more sense for certain elements of the Ukraine Army, such as the Azov battalion, to create havoc in an attempt to bring the West into the War. There is big money at work here and these incidents should be fully investigated before concluding anything. This link is from

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This link is from ABC News:

(624) 39 killed in Ukraine train station missile strike as civilians flee Russian war – YouTube

Russia denies they fired the missile. They cite many reasons it was fired from the Ukrainians themselves:

Russia Claims Latest Missile Attack Is ANOTHER False Flag – Summit News

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