Israeli Art Students (Mossad) wired the WTC prior to 9-11

The so-called Israeli Art Students lived on floor 101 in WTC 1 for 1 year prior to the event. During that time, they wired all three buildings (1, 2, and 7) for controlled demolition. They had full construction passes and were able to freely move in the buildings and between them all three buildings.

They took pictures which they later included in a book they had printed which is no longer available. However, their pictures survived. They are pictured in these pictures standing next to walls that were lined with empty Littlefuse BB-18 fuse holders boxes which were wired into the massive network of the controlled demolition wiring matrix.

It is speculated that Building 7 was the command center for the event and that is where the demolition was controlled from. Later during the day, they s=destroyed all of the evidence in Blg. 7 by also controlled demolition of that building, as well.

These guys were pros. They made sure no circuits would fail on 9-11. They had done this before, undoubtedly, albeit on a smaller scale.

No one from our Govt. ever investigated any of this.

In honor of 9-11, I plan to post a list of all of the things that were not investigated on 9-11. We must get rid of the Deep State and others who have successfully thwarted all of our effort to expose these crimes for the past 19 years.

Meanwhile, these are the pictures of the Mossad in WTC 1 wiring the buildings.

More info about these characters, I mean criminals.

I have also reproduced the article from Rense below on this website to protect it.

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