I am done with Fac(k)ebook

I posted this article today and they blocked it immediately. They did not want any discussion of Legionnaire’s Disease (apparently, because they do not actually tell you what you did wrong). So I am done with these ass holes for good.

They tell you you can accept or reject their decision but they do not say if you are blocked. When I went back to make a post they said now you messed up and we are going to add another 7 days onto my prison term. They are vicious vindictive childlike ass holes. The average age of a FB employee is 29 and they are the product of No Child Left Behind and Common Core – two major failures of our education system.

Reports are coming in now about “legionnaire’s disease” because people are breathing thru the same mask for 8 hrs or more and the mask has bacteria and god knows what else on its surface. Then those people are blowing air out thru the mask which contains newer and different bacteria and possibly viruses than they it was intended to prevent. I just had my truck serviced and they showed me the internal air filter (which we all know is a money maker for the shop) but still it was filthy. All of the outside air comes thru that filter and it filters and traps MOST but not al of the crap entering the cabin. (the one pictured is NOT my filter incidentally).

20 years ago my sister died from a respiratory disease caused by an AC unit that had mold in its filtration system. Filters are both a blessing and a curse. When they get dirty, which they do quickly, they are worse than having no filter sometimes. The CDC and NIH people should be fired for not warning people about this issue. I cannot believe they are this stupid. Maybe they are being told what to do by others with a different agenda. Anyway, these masks are stupid. I see waitresses, bartenders and shopkeepers struggling to speak and breathe.

Our medical people are close mouthed about these dangers. I believe they are being directed by political people to continue this insanity. My car needs fresh air in the engine, my furnace needs fresh air in the heating system, my lungs need fresh air to live. We should not be forced to hurt ourselves any longer. Take these freakin’ masks off! We need to wise up and stop this insanity – now.

Soon our kids will be wearing masks all day long in school. Sicknesses will be way up as a result. Lastly, look at those chemtrails over your heads. They are 100 times worse for us because those are chemicals. I will take a virus any day ahead of a chemical in my lungs. The EPA has been gagged on this subject so don’t wait for them to advise you about any of these issues.

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