Hospitals stole billions from Medicare – COVID

By declaring deaths as COVID, upwards of 170,000 deaths were inappropriately classified as COVID related. By putting these patients on ventilators the hospitals got paid more even though the ventilators may have been the wrong thing to use. In fact ,for real COVID patients, the ventilators night have even killed them.

If we take 170,000 deaths that the CDC now admits were not caused by COVID and multiply that times $39,000 which Medicare paid to them, that means the hospitals stole over $6.6 billion from Medicare and the American people. They knew what they were doing was wrong , also, but they did it anyway and the CDC and WHO, and NIH assisted them.

Even Gov. Cuomo demanded more ventilators and now we know why. The more ventilators the more money paid out. Ventilators were killing machines for people with COVID and now we have millions of them and they are unneeded.

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