Having fun while in jail

Ok, I am not in jail, per se, but rather, I am in Facebook Prison for another 2 days. So the other day, when Facebook put in me purgatory, I said “enough was enough.” I didn’t even know why they put in prison. This was the second time within 4-5 weeks. I said to myself, I gotta get out of this place if it’s the last thing that I do ( we used to sing this song in the late ’60’s when I attended a military academy).

So I thought to myself, I am way overdue in setting up a proper blog for the topics I espouse about on Facebook so why not set up a blog now? I am currently parked in a fantastic BLM site between Bend and Sisters OR and do not have any scheduled events (which I always try to avoid), so I decided to create a new blog using WordPress which I am familiar with.

So after trying to remember all of the things I had forgotten about WordPress, it started to coalesce in my brain once again and here I am.

So the hell with Facebook. I will use them simply as an “on ramp” for this blog. Yes, they do have a great venue and it is easy to use but it is like being in grade school with a mean teacher standing over you with a ruler. Do one thing out-of-line and you get whacked. Do it enough times, and you get expelled. Facebook, I am out of here!

Facebook’s notice (controlled by AI robots)

Facebook’s AI generated report card

It has been very hot here in Oregon, however, Today, it is 100 degrees in the shade! But I am working in my RV with the fan going and I am cool. So no problem for me but I feel bad for those working or playing outside in this heat. There have been virtually no clouds all week because the geoengineers want you to be so hot that you will beg them to spray the skies with chemicals (chemtrails).

So even though I am in prison today and tomorrow, this gives me a good chance to create this new website. Necessity is the mother of invention!

In the future when you see a FB post from me, it will be a link to this new blog.

Thanks from a FB prison inmate!

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