Geoengineering involved the management of and control over the weather as well as sunlight blocking. Hoiwever, it has morphed into other things as well.

Even though President Johnson stated in the 1960’s that we would one day control the weather, and therefore, the World, no one ever discusses the fact that we have achieved that goal from over 60 years ago.

I am not going to debate the contrail versus chemtrails issue because that is a non-issue. Modern day jets do not leave contrails. Period. Look it up. There has been a highly secret program that has been maintained for years by means of strict non-disclosure agreements that anyone and everyone involved with this program including pilots, weathermen, airport personnel have had to sign.

Furthermore, Raytheon Corporation actually controls the spraying done by commercial aircraft thru a highly sophisticated satellite signaling system that interfaces with the jets below and controls the on and off sequencing of the spraying of chemicals including the mixing of different spray components. The pilots are oblivious to the spraying done by their planes. The Raytheon control system evens controls the slight course deviations in order to lay down a stream of chemicals exactly where they are wanted. Raytheon also does all of the weather data gathering and script production for weathermen worldwide. They also control the weather.

Raytheon is a one-stop shop that controls the weather, does all of the forecasting and script production for the weather services, and manages chemtrails and the airlines. It uses a program called AWIPS to do all of this.