2020 – DNC Planning to install a Manchurian Candidate

There is no way that a person with early state dementia should be considered for the presidency. It is quite clear that sinister forces within the democratic party and outside of the party want Joe because he can easily be thrown under the bus and a backup vice president can be installed after Joe is “relieved.” The backup is being prepared right now and has been tutored, indoctrinated and educated in the ways of the Deep State.

The VP will be a Manchurian Candidate

The Left is so sleazy and desperate to actually come up with this plan. In fact, they have shown their true colors over the past 4 years with scheme after scheme against Trump. Now they plan to steal this election with a never used before mass mailed ballot scheme. If somehow they actually were able to beat Trump. they would either prop up Biden and tell him what to say on every issue, or they would install a Manchurian Candidate shortly after he is confirmed in January 2021..

To all democrats out there, put your dislike for Trump to the side, and think about what your party is about to try and do. Ask yourself, can Joe Biden serve as president or will he have to be relieved on day 2? We still don’t even know who the Manchurian Candidate is yet. However, whoever the Manchurian Candidate is, they are being secretly prepared 24/7 right now.

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