Flipcoinz is a scam. Do not Invest in it! They steal Bitcoin.

Flipcoinz- this group of thieves spoofed the name of Mark Moss from Youtube and are running a theft operation. Do not respond to anything related to Flipcoinz. This is a colossal scam in which they say they will invest your Bitcoin and make more bitcoin for you. There is much more to it, however. I am taking steps to have them delisted by their ISP and Google and anybody else that can assist in shutting them down.

Here are some images of their fraudulent operation:

2 thoughts on “Flipcoinz is a scam. Do not Invest in it! They steal Bitcoin.

  • May 17, 2021 at 12:12 am

    Everything seemed fine until a request for maintenance fees of over 5% of earnings a few weeks into trading. At this point it was too late to perform indepth background checks on Mrs. LALITA VADHRI who I was referred to and sent the broker check link to brokercheck.finra dot org (CRD#: 5663393), before deciding to deposit and invest with the company. I believe this scammer is fraudulently using a licenses broker ID. Phone number +1 (817) 385-7454.
    A few days into the “trading” everything seemed to good to be true and I did further research on the company Bit Kindle Limited – #11712396 displayed on the website. Discovered dissolved 27 Oct 2020 – Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off. I asked scammer about the dissolve and stated the company is running normal which was most likely a lie. To the best of my knowledge this makes them ineligible to trade forex unless the information is outdated and not updated? Do a google search of LTD #11712396 and you’ll see similar white-lable websites (coininsuredfx, coinhubs.io, Invest Crypto, bitminner.com, premiumtrades.online, Trillion Capitals Limited)

    My assumption is someone is using a licensed broker ID and expired company to act as crypto / forex trader. I’ve documented all conversations and hoping to inform anyone who may be interested in this service to take caution! I have high doubts that I’ll ever see any investment back. Individual using the Support@ email refuses to with-drawl without paying for maintenance fees which in my case is much greater than my original deposit and refused to pay. Requested to deduct from my earnings at the end of 30 days trading and they refused. They stated I would need to pay to continue trading which would fool many to deposit more funds.
    I’ve searched into other similar companies and have discovered some individuals have even taken out a loan to pay this fee and still did not receive profits/earnings. This business plan seems to work in favor of the “trade companies” with similar offerings. They promise huge earnings on investment, build up the hype, try to get more money before trade end and will most likely leave you with nothing. I hope to bring awareness and curious if anyone else has had the same experience and/or a positive outcome.

    • May 17, 2021 at 9:01 pm

      It is a scam. I have reported them to their ISP but have not heard back yet. Do not give them any Bitcoin. There is no real broker. They will not allow you to withdraw unless you pay the commission to phony Mrs. Lalita


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