Emergency! The WHO is about to vote on a change to World Health Regulations that would steal our sovereignty

This reporter discovered that the USA delegate to the WHO submitted amendments to the WHO’s regulations that would effectively put the USA under UN control prior to or during a Pandemic. The vote will be taken on May 22 in Geneva Switzerland at the WHO headquarters. We must stop that stop from approving these changes which our own delegate has proposed. Watch this video for more info. Also, the reporter can also be seen on SGTREPORT at the sgtreport.com. If this vote passes, the USA will lose its sovereignty and we would have to follow the orders of the WHO. This is all related to the Great Reset and is simply one more method by which they will roll out a One World Government. We must alert our senators and congressmen as well as come down hard on the US delegate (and her boss) to the WHO. If this vote goes through, you can expect another plandemic by this Fall which is when they would exercise their new controls over each and every one of us. Just look at what the Chinese are doing to their Shanghai residents right now. That is the test model for these new controls.

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WAKE UP and Smell the Burning of Our Constitution (substack.com)

For Sgtreport, look for the WHO post after arriving there:


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