Deep State are crapping their pants over Front line Doctors

Within an hour or two the national newspapers (which are corrupt) came out along with CNN and MSNBC and others and attacked the group of doctors who gave a presentation about COVID that was so informative and revealing that it was quite clear that these news outlets were taking orders from a central point of control. Their comments were scripted and their timing was immediate. Right after they took the site down for these doctors, they laid a barrage of negative news stories down against them. It was orchestrated.

It is also clear that we need to shut these facilities down since they are censoring everything and trying to control what the people hear. This is serious. It is one thing to shut down a lonely blogger, but now they are shutting down a congressman and a group of physicians who are trying to get the the truth out about COVID.

Here are the web headlines saying that all of the data these doctors presented is false. Outrageous.

I listened to and watched the presentation and it was anything but false. Much of this data has been shared previously by other doctors. They were citing research papers and other findings which went against the official story about Hydroxychloroquine, school closures, etc., etc. A sitting congressman set this presentation up.

This group should sue these newspapers and networks for their misrepresentation of their presentation. Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are all guilty as well. These groups were all taking orders from a central source. We need to identify and shut that source down.

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