COVID Overview

COVID-19 appears to have been a pre-planned event designed to accomplish multiple results:

  • Topple Trump either immediately or during the 2020 election in November 2020
  • Reset the economy Worldwide
  • End the use of “dirty” cash and force people to use cards
  • implement a mandatory vaccine program worldwide
  • Force more people to be more dependent on the Government
  • Install a one world government to “deal” with this problem

Rockefeller Lockstep Program was a a simulation in 2010 that envisioned how the entire World could be brought under control using pandemics.

Event 201 is another more recent preparatory exercise eerily similar to the current Coronavirus Plandemic that we are in right now (2020).

The New World Order which is a mish-mash of different organizations and the UN want to re-do the way the Earth is organized and run. They are one of the interests behind this COVID Plandemic. Check the following frpahhic to see who I believe is behind this craziness. I will break down each of these groups in another post. But I want you to carefully examine which groups are included in this movement. We are up against a powerful force.

The NWO movement is using COVID as the magical weapon to take on this effort to get the world to accept the changes that they envision. Just think without firing a shot, they have conquered the World’s inhabitants.

So many aspects of our society and economy have been ripped out by the roots and we even did some of the pulling ourselves! We have been sneak attacked, torpedoed, sucker punched. It is also endless. We no sooner start to open up our economy and they make up numbers and slam everything closed again! It is like being in a boxing match and as you are getting up from te mat after being slammed, you are hit again and driven back to the mat.

Well, I and many others have been on to these tactics for a long time. We need to get everyone else to wake up as well to the Covid-19 (Scam-it-19) fake pandemic. Our very existence depends on how we respond to these attacks.

One of the major milestones that the NWO movement has is to get rid of Trump. Trumps is our only official ally in fighting these people. They want him out and then they can have free reign over us. It is critical that we re-elect Trump. If we lose Trump in this battle we will be fighting a guerilla war instead of a stand-up war against these forces. We need all of the help we can muster.

COVID-19 is a fake pandemic. But it seems like they fooled most of the people so far into thinking it is real. I will publish a report which will show all of the lies they said and misdeeds they did from day one. This is worse tan the inside job of 9-11, 100 times worse.

We need to expose it and shut it down. remember ll of the fake attacks they did against Trump over the past 4 years? Each time they were thwarted and forced to retreat. Yet at the time, there attacks seemed so endless, so sure of themselves. We can push back again and stop this madness if we wake up and push back.