California Fires – an all out attack by whom?

This year’s fires make last year’s fires look paltry by comparison. Are these natural or orchestrated fires? There is quite a bit of evidence from citizens that these are not naturally occurring. Yet, we hear nothing from fire officials about their conclusions. Should we be surprised at that?

Not really. After 9-11, when there was ample evidence disputing the official story, none of these reports ever received a proper review by the authorities. There was never a venue established where people and organizations who disputed the official story could openly and publicly present their finding and debate the government on these points. The authorities just shut it down by not allowing it to be aired.

That appears to be the method by which the government now neuters all discussion concerning versions of a situation which are contrary to theirs. Whether it be 9-11, Sandy Hook, or California wildfires. They make the people with other explanations appear to be conspiracy theorists.

You may ask, how do they curtail people within the government from speaking out that may also have concerns? Well, what we saw after 9-11 in the case of NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology), was that they simply controlled the top two guys who then controlled the organization. They compartmentalized all of the engineers into specific groups and they were not allowed to venture outside of their groups when analyzing the problems. How did they do that? Job loss and promotion loss threats.

Were the top two guys at NIST in on the crime? Not really, they were being controlled by someone above them and were rewarded and threatened all at the same time. It is like the role of being a good soldier. You must follow orders and never question your orders. These two people in NIST effectively sabotaged any efforts from within or outside to question their explanation of what had happened on 9-11.

I believe the same is happening now with these wildfires. Cal Fire makes a living from putting out fires. They should be the most knowledgeable people about forest fires, but can they be depended upon? Probably not. The same thing that happened at NIST is probably happening at Cal Fire. Word is more than likely coming down from above that says “your job is to put these fires out and not to believe every conspiracy story that you hear.” As a result, we never get the benefit of their knowledge in investigating these fires which are kill machines and which are destroying California year after year.

We need independent fire investigators to examine the evidence. However, the Geoengineers seem to be working with the fire starters because there is always a heavy rain AFTER the fire event which washes away much of the evidence. But there is never any rain during the fire event. Hmm.

Something is awfully strange about these fires. Who is behind the fires? To be determined but the United Nations has an agenda which touches upon many of the outcomes resulting from these fires. They need to be investigated as well as those who are preventing a proper investigation from being done by independent fire investigators with no ties to the state government, Geoengineering, or the UN.

So far this year 3 – 4 million acres have burned. Here is a table of recent fire totals.

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