This is a new information blog which will provide reports concerning the Plandemic, Geoengineering, Nibiru, Sun Simulator, 5G, and any other new threats that face the planet in the 2020’s and beyond. The name Rev2Pt0 means exactly that, Revision 2.0 for us and the World as we knew it. It is reflective of the revision 2.0 that the Planet and Society are now experiencing.

Earth Rev 2.0

How often have you received a notice from a software company and they updated your software and now everything seems to be different? Well, that is what is happening to us all right now. Others have updated the World based on what they want it to be. I do not like it one bit and nor should you.

I personally have been placed in Fakebook jail numerous times for speaking the truth and simply decided to get off that platform and to create a new one on the Web. This is that platform.

I will occasionally report on topics you may think that are far out such as Nibiru and the sun simulator. I ask you to consider whatever the message is that I am presenting and not to reject it out of hand. You will see that all of these topics are interconnected. You will also be amazed at what they mean to the planet.

So I am happy to be here and to be able to investigate and report to you information that you just won’t see anywhere else on all of these topics at the same time.