5G – Govt/Utilities won’t tell you this

On the surface, faster speeds, better connections, etc., etc. all seem good in a connected world. Most people I know can’t wait for 5G to fully arrive. How could 5G be bad when it seems so good?

5G is based on millimeter waves which cannot go very far. To get them to their destinations (your phone for example), they need to install zillions of antennae around the World and even in orbit.

These little super short wave lengths need a lot of power to work, also. That means more power going through your body from many more devices (Internet of Things).

Yes, isn’t it great! You will be able to communicate with your toaster, your toilet, your TV, microwave, locks, everything, and even more!

There are a few things that are a problem. Those millimeter waves are bad for all lifeforms as known by scientists. They can do all kinds of nasty things to your body and your mind.

I will post details of these nasty things on this site under 5G. Please check these out. I am not a guru of 5G but I know enough that we should not accept this technology under the current circumstances.

Probably, the most important thing to know if that they have NOT subjected humans to 5G signals in a test environment in any significant manner. Also, be aware that the military is the one that wants this millimeter wavelength to be deployed more than anyone else. It is a weapon frequency and can also control and hurt humans. They have used it for crowd control so far and may even be used in directed energy weapons.

You can live with 4G until and if they come up with a safe 5G technology. But for now, don’t accept it.

More info soon.

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