2 Lane Roads

I have traveled 400 miles across the state of Oregon…..on 2 lane roads! Seriously, the roads were in good shape but I cannot believe that the state of Oregon is too “cheap” to build 4 or 5 lane roads on these busy East West routes. The traffic going to the Coastline from Salem was a steady stream of cars going 55 mph. Generally they do not have lights on these roads either which makes it difficult to enter given the fact they are so busy with traffic.

You would think that for safety (2 lane and 3 lane roads are among the most dangerous), that they would widen them. Afterall, they charge upwards of $.40 – .50 more per gallon of gas.

By the way, this may be the only state that requires the gas station to have attendants dispense gas for everyone. Yes, I am not kidding. They are chipper and enthusiastic but, REALLY in 2020? They say it is for our safety because some kids accidentally burned down a few gas stations by mishandling the nozzles or something like that! It was probably the cannabis.

So, busy roads, 2 lane roads, and gas attendants. Oregon is pretty but in some ways, its people are living in the past.

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